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Ikaria & TEDx
Ikaria & TEDx
We proudly support the local edition of TEDx Łódź.
Created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading,” the TEDx program is designed to give communities and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences.
Focus on Quality
Focus on Quality
We strictly measure and analyse the quality of everything we provide to you
Quality Control System in 2012 showed that 96% of our clients were satisfied with our service and 84% stayed with us for another year.

Ikaria - IT Security Experts

Ikaria is the industry leader in IT security solutions, training and consulting in Poland.

For more than 18 years, Ikaria has been a leader in the IT security industry and one of Poland’s fastest growing companies. Through experienced staff and unique, need-driven solutions for our clients, Ikaria has sold more than 136 691 security licenses and protects over 1 807 337 computer terminals – we are a trusted partner and advisor for more than 53 100 companies in Poland. Ikaria provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and individual clients with comprehensive IT security and security solutions. We have 23 technical certifications (including CEH, CISA, CISSP), 17 gold and platinum partner statuses with the world’s largest IT security providers.


  • Antivirus Software - comprehensive protection for workstations and servers.

  • Network Security - UTM, firewall, intrusion prevention system, gateway antivirus, content filtering.

  • Email Security - desktop solutions, gateway antispam, mail server protection.

  • Data Encryption and DLP - protection of sensitive data against unauthorized access and leakage.

  • Training Courses - network security, application security, Windows and Linux servers hardening.

  • Systems Auditing and Security Testing - network and application audit, software licensing audit, data protection audit, penetration testing.

  • Helpdesk Pro - 24/7 technical support line with guaranteed response time.

Why do customers choose Ikaria?

  • Biggest selection – we offer products from both global leaders and niche market solutions.

  • Competitive prices - thanks to our long relationships with manufacturers, we are able to offer the best prices on the market.

  • Flexibility - no matter how unique and specific your needs may be, we can find solutions to implement your project through years of experience in realization of unconventional IT projects or adjusting licensing agreements for maximum flexibility.

  • Fast Support – experienced certified engineers and guaranteed response times.

  • Convenient Cooperation – each customer receives a personal specialist who takes care of all your needs to simplify the implementation process and save your time.

  • Knowledge and Access to Information – customers receive the best advice based on our extensive experience and knowledge of the market.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – trial licensing, consulting and support.

  • Needs Focused Approach - we customize our services to meet each client’s unique needs.

  • Quality Control – we are constantly monitoring the satisfaction of our customers and implementing changes to exceed their expectations.

Ikaria Core Philosophy:

Our mission is secure business. Our philosophy below is how we approach relationships with our customers, our employees, management and business partners.

Knowledge & Experience

The secret of the IT security industry is information: the best, the most current and the proven. We have 15 years experience in collecting information that defines your security experience and assimilates it into the latest technical solutions to give our partners a secure, professional experience.

Clear Rules & Integrity

Ikaria is based on trust, integrity, and transparency – the key elements of our ethical processes. We are not a vendor; we are your business and security partner. We give you the best advice based on your needs.

Win-Win Strategy

As a rule, we approach each relationship and solution that is beneficial to both parties. A satisfied customer is our greatest asset.

Positive, long-term relationships with people

We are people-driven. We approach business as an opportunity to meet new and interesting people and building relationships with our customers, business partners and employees is a core priority at Ikaria.

Highest Quality of Service

Since the beginning, we have set the customer service standards on the Polish IT market by providing the highest level of satisfaction through employee competency. Customers purchase security, not products and receive professional advice plus guaranteed support.


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